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Minimal Access Surgery (Key Hole Surgery)

Development in medical science is gradual process. But as far as technical aspect is concern its rate is fast specially in field of Surgery. Now those days are gone when surgery/ operations are considered very painful, traumatic, with a long stay in hospital and leaving the bad scar for whole life. This is the era of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) where minimal trauma, minimal pain, only 24 hours stay in hospital and almost no visible scar exist. MAS  is very safe and not costly. You return to your normal life within 48 hours.

  Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is also known as Key hole surgery or Laparoscopic surgery or Band Aid surgery as after the surgery the cuts are so small that you need to put only the band aid.

 With the technique of MAS operations of abdomen (laparoscopy), operations of chest (Thoracoscopy), operations to control weight/ obesity (Bariatric Surgery), operations of Spine & knee (arthroscopy) are being done.

  In this technique the tummy is punctured with a needle and the carbon di oxide gas is filled in. Then a telescope is placed in the distended tummy. The telescope is attached with a video camera. This Camera takes video image of inside tummy and shows on a Television. The operating surgeon sees the inside picture on television and places long pen like instruments through 5 millimeter cuts on tummy. With the help of these instruments and watching the television the operations is done.

 With Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) earlier gallbladder stone and appendix are being removed. But now this technique has taken new dimensions and become advanced. The Operations involving food pipe blockage, stomach and Intestine tumors, Liver, Adrenals, Spleen, Pancreas disorders and all types of hernias can be done safely. All Disorder related to female genital organs which require operations are being done.

 Besides this, patients are getting benefit of MAS for diseases of Lung, Pleura, chronic infections Cysts, Bullae, Sympathectomy for Bilateral Palmar sweating.

 For those who are having excess weight, MAS has given the new direction to their life. It is a boon for them. It is curing obesity related Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Snoring also.

 Over all this new concept has change the surgical field and helping the patient in terms of less surgical trauma, early recovery and return to work , no long term complication in the form of incisional hernia, and cosmetic wise definitely better.


Dr.  Gaurav  K. Mittal