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Cervical Cancer

The cervix is the lower most part of uterus and the cancer of this part is called Cervical Cancer. It is slow growing cancer and remains asymptomatic for years before clinical presentation. It presents as abnormal uterine bleeding / vaginal discharge /cervical growth / abdominal lump.

Cervical Cancer is most common cancer in females. If not detected early leads to Radical Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. The survival rate is very poor.

To detect cases in asymptomatic phase, periodic Pap smear and Colposcopy is required.

In Pap smear cervical fluid is extracted and sent for cytological examination. In colposcopy, abnormal early microscopic cervical changes are picked up by special telescopic instrument.

It is postulated that Human Papilloma Virus has role in the development of cervical cancer. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is mostly acquired through sexual activity. Persistent HPV infection leads to cervical cancer gradually. In today’s scenario a vaccine against HPV is available which can prevent cervical cancer. Three doses of vaccine are required to get life long protection.

For awareness, detection and prevention by vaccination of cervical cancer a “Female Cancer Detection Camp” is organized at J.P.Clinic on 23rd & 24th June, 2012


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