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Anaemia during Pregnancy

 Anaemia is a condition of low circulabity Hb i.e., Hb concentration of less than 11gm/dl in pregnancy. It is very common in developing countries like India.

Consequences of Anaemia

·         Spontaneous Abortion

·         Preterm labour and  delivery

·         Intrauterine growth retardation.

·         Pregnancy induced Hypertension

·         Low birth weight baby.

·         Low IQ of baby

Why anaemia is common in India

In India, anemia antedates pregnancy, is aggravated by increased requirement during pregnancy, delivery, infections in antenatal and postnatal period and the early advent of next pregnancy perpetuates it.


Ø  Iron supplementation during teenage and pregnancy and after delivery

Ø  Improvement of dietary habits

Ø  Iron rich food like green leafy vegetables, cereals sprouted Pulses and cooks their food in Iron utensils.

Ø  Avoidance of frequent Child birth.